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Our Seed

Bring more birds
to your backyard.

Premium birdseed tailored for your outdoor space

Our Process

We know what matters to your birds. In fact, we’re quite nerdy when it comes to bird data. We constantly assess and adjust our thoughtfully blended birdseed mixes based on our customer’s location and lifestyle. And we go the extra mile of creating a sustainable process that gives back to the Earth that houses us all. Here’s how we do it:


Customized To Your Location and Lifestyle

Generic birdseed neglects many of your local birds. That’s why we start your order by learning more about you and where you live. Our bird experts evaluate your responses (these aren’t automated or computer-generated – that wouldn’t be thoughtful!) and then consult historical and current bird sighting data for your area. With that insight, we’re able to create a customized birdseed blend to help you achieve your birdwatching goals and curate your outdoor space.