Simply Seeds Box
Perfect for birdwatchers that have more than one seed feeder and want to attract a greater number and diversity of wild birds.
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NOTE: Whether purchasing for yourself or to give as a gift, please complete the questionnaire emailed with your order confirmation so we can customize your order accordingly! 

  • Seed curated for your zip code

  • Eco-friendly packaging

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A Simply Seeds Box Includes:

📦 10 lbs of premium Everyday Wild Bird Food thoughtfully blended for the birds in your or your gift recipient's area. We use bird-sighting data to customize a seed blend specifically for the birds in your zip code. Choose from Regular, No Waste, and Hot Pepper blend options. Regular is a hit with all the birds! No Waste is a great choice for those with patios and decks who prefer not to see hulls left behind. Hot Pepper mix is great if you have a squirrel problem - the birds love it and the squirrels avoid it!

📦 5 lbs of gourmet Specialty Wild Bird Food custom-crafted to bring a wider range of birds to your backyard. Depending on the season and what birds are in your area this could be a Finch Mix, Woodpecker Blend, or other variety. 

📝 Personalized information-packed letter from one of our experts detailing what birds you can expect to see in your backyard this month plus customized tips to help you live your best birdwatching life. BONUS: We'll even personalize the ingredient label on the back of the bag with the recipient's name, such as "tailored exclusively for The Smith's Wild Birds in Chicago, IL"

✍️ Handwritten gift card  with your personalized message. Included free with gift purchases.  
📦 Subscribe and save 15% on every box! With our no-risk subscription, you can cancel, pause, change or update your subscription anytime.

🚚 Flat rate shipping that saves you money.

🐦 Data-informed approach:
e use current and historical bird sighting data to keep track of what birds are in your area each month and adjust your mixes accordingly so you're only offering up exactly what both your year-round and migratory bird visitors want.

♻️ Plastic-free packaging
 that doesn't harm the environment. Everything is recyclable and even our transparent mealworm packaging is compostable!

🫶 Charitable support
: For every 10 lbs of birdseed sold, we donate $1 to organizations serving those with mental health issues or addiction because everyone deserves to live a peaceful, happy life.  

Thoughtfully blended seed.

Tailored to your backyard.

Delivered to your doorstep.


Studies have shown that those who watch birds are less stressed, happier, and show overall greater satisfaction with life. It’s simple. The more birds you see (and the more variety you find), the happier you’ll become.

That's why we created Happy Birdwatcher, to help you attract more birds and feel happier!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Happiness is Right!

Everything about this concept is just right! From the mindful sustainability, to the ease of ordering, to the quick responses from customer service, to the excellent products, this has been an exceptionally happy experience.
We had just moved to a new home and were greatly missing the birds we attracted at our other home. Some lovely friends gave us the personalized birdseed as a housewarming gift. It could not have been more perfect! Our Bird Cafe is open for business and flourishing in our new home.

Kathi Miller
High Quality Birdseed

No shell birdseed that my birds love, alot! Definitely recommend.

Rose M Adams
Great customer service

I was struggling with the web site and was ready to give up. So great customer service and my birds love the variety of seed I received

Thank you, Rose! We've now fixed our website to show when blends are out of stock to eliminate confusion for others. We appreciate your feedback that brought this to our attention. We're so glad that you and your birds are enjoying your HappySeed Box!

Ann Coulter

Feeding and enjoying birds is a so much better thanks to Happy Birdwatcher. Better seed, no waste, more and different birds are attracted, buying local, delivered to our door, and eco-friendly packaging!

Sandy O'Gorman
Birds flocked to these seeds !

I have 2 feeders and the local birds must have sent out the message “better seeds at 123 “.

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