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Seed Storage Pail

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Did you know that galvanized metal cans are the most durable and eco-friendliest option for storing birdseed? This 5-gallon seed storage pail will keep your birdseed at its freshest and finest and protected from unwanted critters like insects, squirrels, and rodents. 

Each fun pail comes with a carrying handle, making it super convenient to tote outdoors and fill your feeders. Empty your birdseed bag contents directly into the can or leave it in its original Happy Birdwatcher paper packaging - our 10 lb and 5 lb bags will fit together perfectly side-by-side inside the pail.

Made in the USA by S&K Products


Studies have shown that those who watch birds are less stressed, happier, and show overall greater satisfaction with life. It’s simple. The more birds you see (and the more variety you find), the happier you’ll become.

That's why we created Happy Birdwatcher, to help you attract more birds and feel happier!

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